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Impact Pro Elite Sports Drinks

Impact-MaxImpact are delighted to launch our much awaited new range Pro Elite!

We were approached by one of the uk’s leading performance nutritionists who was searching for products suitable for use by the elite level world class athletes and sports teams he works with. There are hundreds of brands out there but none which ticked all the boxes for what he was looking for.

Our current Impact range focuses on the nutrients that young developing athletes require. We want to cater for these youngsters that mature physically and mentally in to adults and so there nutritional needs inevitably change.

As young athletes develop in to adults their body’s will require different nutrients and often more nutrients to meet the demands of sport.

The aim for our new Pro Elite range is to cater for larger amounts of the specific nutrients the elite level athlete requires.

All products :

  • Based on evidence based research
  • Batch tested to conform to WADA guidelines
  • Meet the significant demands of elite level sport
  • No artificial colours flavours or preservatives
  • Functional ingredients that have been proven to work
  • Aspartame and acesulfame k free